Journal of Internet Services and Information Security


Volume 10, Issue 3, August 2020 (BibTex)

Non-transferability in Proxy Re-Encryption Revisited
Arinjita Paul, Lihua Wang, S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, and C. Pandu Rangan

Administrative Models for Role Based Access Control in Android
Samir Talegaon and Ram Krishnan

A Survey of Secure Internet of Things in Relation to Blockchain
Morteza Alizadeh, Karl Andersson, and Olov Schelen

Session-dependent Usage Control for Big Data
Gabriele Baldi, Yair Diaz, Theo Dimitrakos, Fabio Martinelli, Christina Michailidou, Paolo Mori, 
Oleksii Osliak, and Andrea Saracino

A Collaborative Framework for Traffic Information in 
Vehicular Adhoc Network Applications
S. Manipriya, C. Mala, and Samson Mathew

The Risks of the Blockchain 
A Review on Current Vulnerabilities and Attacks
Lukas K├Ânig, Stefan Unger, Peter Kieseberg, and Simon Tjoa

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