Journal of Internet Services and Information Security


Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2020 (BibTex)

Identity-based Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption and Re-Signature in Standard Model:
Lattice-based Constructions
Priyanka Dutta, Willy Susilo, Dung Hoang Duong, Joonsang Baek, and Partha Sarathi Roy

Decentralized Multi-authority Anonymous Authentication for
Global Identities with Non-interactive Proofs
Hiroaki Anada

Towards an Epidemic SMS-based Cellular Botnet
Asem Kitana, Issa Traore, and Isaac Woungang

Identification of device motion status via Bluetooth discovery
Shing Ki Wong and Siu Ming Yiu

A Kernel Density Estimation Method to Generate Synthetic
Shifted Datasets in Privacy-Preserving Task
Muhammad Syafiq Mohd Pozi and Mohd. Hasbullah Omar

The Study on the Effect of the Internet and Mobile-Cellular on
Trade in Services: Using the Modified Gravity Model
Myeongjoo Kang

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