Journal of Internet Services and Information Security


Volume 11, Issue 3, August 2021 (BibTex)

Anonymous Deniable Predicate Authentication Scheme with Revocability
Hiroaki Anada and Yoshifumi Ueshige

A Survey on Security and Privacy in Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currencies
Yunyoung Lee, Bumho Son, Seongwan Park, Jaewook Lee, and Huisu Jang

Evaluating the Possibility to Perpetrate Tunneling Attacks Exploiting Short-Message-Service
Sara Narteni, Ivan Vaccari, Maurizio Mongelli, Maurizio Aiello, and Enrico Cambiaso

A Note on the Problem of Semantic Interpretation Agreement in
Steganographic Communications
Benjamin Aziz

Examining the Impact of ICT Access and ICT Use on Trade in Services:
Focused on Selected Service Categories
Myeongjoo Kang

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