Journal of Internet Services and Information Security

Volume 1, Issue 2/3, August 2011 (BibTex)
Provable Security

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Provable Security                                                                     
Xiaofeng Chen

VDC-Based Dynamic Code Analysis: Application to C Programs                                                           
Wissam Mallouli, Amel Mammar, Ana Cavalli and Willy Jimenez

Algorithm for Generating Primes for the Giuliani-Gong Public Key System 
Maciej Grze?kowiak

An eCK-Secure One Round Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Perfect Forward Security                                                          
Hai Huang

A Novel Multi-factor Authenticated Key Exchange Scheme With Privacy Preserving
Dexin Yang and Bo Yang

Programmability in the Generic Ring and Group Models 
Mario Larangeira and Keisuke Tanaka

General Construction of Chameleon All-But-One Trapdoor Functions 
Shengli Liu, Junzuo Lai and Robert H. Deng

A Novel Framework for Protocol Analysis                                                          
Kristian Gjøsteen, George Petrides and Asgeir Steine

TMQV: A Strongly eCK-secure Diffie-Hellman Protocol without Gap Assumption
Jiaxin Pan and Libin Wang

On the (Im)possibility Results for Strong Attack Models for Public Key Cryptsystems
Yutaka Kawai, Yusuke Sakai and Noboru Kunihiro

Improving the Security of an Efficient Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme
Sebastien Canard, Julien Devigne and Fabien Laguillaumie

Efficient Construction of Identity Based Signcryption Schemes from Identity Based Encryption and Signature Schemes 
Sumit Kumar Pandey and Rana Barua

This special issue is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.60970144), China 
111 Project (No.B08038), 
and Key Laboratory of Computer Networks and Information Security, Ministry of Education, Xidian University.

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