Journal of Internet Services and Information Security


Volume 2, Issue 3/4, November 2012 (BibTex)
Information Leakage Prevention
in Emerging Technologies

Guest Editorial: Information Leakage Prevention in Emerging Technologies (MIST 2012 Volume 2)
Kangbin Yim and Yoshiaki Hori

Securing the "Bring Your Own Device" Policy                                                          
Alessandro Armando, Gabriele Costa, Alessio Merlo, and Luca Verderame

Detecting Information Leakage via a HTTP Request Based on the Edit Distance
Kazuki Chiba, Yoshiaki Hori, and Kouichi Sakurai

pp. 29-42 (DOI:10.22667/JISIS.2012.11.31.029)
An Android Security Extension to Protect Personal Information against Illegal Accesses and Privilege Escalation Attacks
Yeongung Park, Chanhee Lee, Jonghwa Kim, Seong-Je Cho, and Jongmoo Choi

Design and Experiments of small DDoS Defense System using Traffic Deflecting in Autonomous System
Ho-Seok Kang and Sung-Ryul Kim

pp. 54-64 (DOI:10.22667/JISIS.2012.11.31.054)
A Design of Onto-ACM(Ontology based Access Control Model) in Cloud Computing Environments
Chang Choi, Junho Choi, Byeongkyu Ko, Kunseok Oh, and Pankoo Kim

A Study on Design and Implementation of E-Discovery Service based on Cloud Computing
Taerim Lee, Hun Kim, Kyung Hyune Rhee, and Sang Uk Shin

Efficient Certificateless Online/Offline Signature
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, S. Sree Vivek, Vivek Krishna Pradhan, and C. Pandu Rangan

A Fault-Resistant AES Implementation Using Differential Characteristic of Input and Output
JeongSoo Park, KiSeok Bae, YongJe Choi, DooHo Choi, and JaeCheol Ha

Short signature from factoring assumption in the standard model
Zhiwei Wang, Guozi Sun, and Danwei Chen

Lattice Forward-Secure Identity Based Encryption Scheme
Kunwar Singh, C. Pandurangan, and A.K.Banerjee

Strategic Information Splitting Using Biometric Patterns
Marek R. Ogiela, Lidia Ogiela, and Urszula Ogiela

A Brief Survey on Rootkit Techniques in Malicious Codes
Sungkwan Kim, Junyoung Park, Kyungroul Lee, Ilsun You, and Kangbin Yim

Personal Identification Based on Cognitive Analysis of Selected Medical Visualization
Marek R. Ogiela and Lidia Ogiela

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